The Majestic Whirlpool Galaxy in HaLRGB

This is the 51st object of Charles Messier’s catalog and is the first classified spiral galaxy. It was taken with a Celestron Edge HD 8″ at a focal length of 1482, and combined into a HaLRGB palette.

Equipment used :
Sky-Watcher EQ6-R pro
Celestron Edge HD 8″ with reducer at F/7
ZWO ASI294MM pro with filter wheel 8×1.25″ and Baader CMOS Optimized SHO-LRGB filters
Celestron OAG + ZWO ASI174MM mini
ZWO ASIair +
Pre-processed in AstroPixelProcessor and processed in Pixinsight

For your knowledge, here is my workflow with PixInsight :
1) Crop, Rotate each channel
2) Combine Ha to Red channel
3) RGB combination
4) Color calibration, SCNR, stretch, saturation
5) Deconvolution, denoise, HDR and Local Histogram Equalization (LHE) on the Luminance channel
6) Apply L channel on the RGB image with LRGB Combination
7) Curves transformation if necessary

Thank you very much Apod GrAg for your support and your content.
(Sorry for using English as the post’s language, have a nice day!)

Autore: Anthony Brunet-Bessette (sito)