Cygnus Widefield in HaRGB

Cygnus is returning to the northern hemisphere skies.
This is a photo shot with just a DSLR and a 50mm f1.8 lens.
For the RGB I used a full spectrum modified Canon 600D with an IDAS LPS-D1 CLIP filter and for the Ha, the astromodified Canon 700D with a Astronomik 6nm Ha clip in filter and for both I used the cheap nifty fifty, canon 50mm f1.8 @ f4.
RGB – 10x600sec ISO800 shot in Eversley, Bortle 4
Ha – 36x300sec ISO1600 shot in my back garden, Bortle 6
The cameras were mounted on a eq3 Pro mount and guided by PHD2
I used APT for capturing and stellarium for framing.

Autore: Emil Andronic (sito)