M100 is a spiral galaxy, seen exactly from above, located in the Chevelure de Bérénice. It was discovered in 1781 by Pierre Méchain and included by his friend Charles Messier in his catalogue a few weeks later.
The galaxy is located in the Virgo cluster, of which it is one of the main components along with M87. Its brightest spiral arms are filled with blue stars resulting from the galaxy’s interaction with neighbouring galaxies. The diameter of the galaxy is larger than that of the Milky Way, at about 120 000 light years, and the distance of the galaxy has been estimated at 56 million light years.
Shot in France (Normandy and Cote de Meuse).
Newton 250-900 F/D 3.6 telescope on EQ8 Skywatcher. Moravian G2 4000 camera.
Lum 68×5′.
R,G,B 56×5′ each
Total time 19,58 H

Autore: Francis Bozon (sito)