Barnard 11 and 13

Barnard 11 and Barnard 13 are dark nebulae in the constellation Camelopardalis, located in the south of this constellation. The nebulae are part of the Southern Giraffe Clouds. Also, in this photo, you can see the following nebulae: LDN 1399, LDN 1400, LDN 1401, LDN 1402, LDN 1404 and LDN 1408.

The image is illuminated by the Hydrogen-Alpha signal shown as the red background. I had an attempt to capture some of the extremely faint Oiii signal too (shown in blue in the lower right and center part of the image) but even after 100 x 600sec exposures I didn’t get any structure in the fillaments.

Equipment used:
Mount: StellarDrive GT6
AstroTech 106LE f6.5 with upgraded Moonlite focuser
TSFlat 2″ field flattener
ASI294MM Pro Cmos camera, cooled at – 15°C
8×1.25″ ZWO USB filterwheel
Chroma 1.25″ RGB, Chroma 1.25″ LoGlow filter and Chroma 1.25″ 3nm Ha and Oiii filters
Qhyccd QHY5L-IIM guide camera
OpticStar AR90 as guidescope
Qhyccd Polemaster

Software used:
Eqmod, APT, SGP, Stellarium with StellariumScope, PHD2

2023 – Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire, UK, bortle 5

13.10.2023 to 11.01.2024

Chroma Blue 1.25″: 50×180″(2h 30′)
Chroma Green 1.25″: 50×180″(2h 30′)
Chroma H-alpha 3nm Bandpass 1.25″: 100×600″(16h 40′)
Chroma LoGlow Light Pollution 1.25″: 300×180″(15h)
Chroma OIII 3nm Bandpass 1.25″: 100×600″(16h 40′)
Chroma Red 1.25″: 50×180″(2h 30′)

Total integration time: 55h 50′

Stacked and calibrated in AstroPixel Processor and processed in Pixinsight (with help from Star Xterminator and Noise Xterminator and Blur Xterminator) and Photoshop CC 2024

Autore: Emil Andronic (sito)