One of the most popular objects to image in the night sky, after the Orion nebula has to be the Pleaides star cluster, often referred to as the Seven Sisters after the seven bright stars contained within . One can spot the cluster rising in the east in the autumn skies of the Northern Hemisphere, a harbinger if you will of the soon to rise Orion. In Hindu mythology the seven stars of the Big Dipper were married to the Seven sisters in the Pleaides and all lived happily in the northern skies, before Agni, the God of fire played spoilsport, but then that is a story for another day….

It is a difficult object to capture as well as process thanks to the bright stars, with the star Alcyone shining at an apparent magnitude of 2.68. The data was acquired at the Roboscopes remote observatory on the light hoover that is the Takahashi Epsilon E130. At F3.3 this is a fast scope and data was captured at 60 seconds per sub….anything more would probably blow out the stars beyond retrieval….

Telescope: Takahashi Epsilon E130 F3.3
Camera: Zwo Asi 6200MM pro
Mount: Paramount MX
Observatory : Roboscopes

R= 119 x 60s = 1h59m
G= 135 x 60s = 2h15m
B= 161 x 60s = 2h41m
Total integration = 6h55m
Software = PixInsight

Autore: vikas chander (sito)