NGC 7129 : a Blue Rosebud

NGC 7129 is a reflection situated in Cepheus, at around 3300 l.y. It also contains a star cluster that illuminates the nebula. The red-pink crescent formations at the poles of the rosebud are created by energetic jets from the stars. The image also contains NGC 7142, the star cluster on the lower right. Even if the exposure was not very deep, I was able to present the dark molecular clouds around the nebula, which are rarely seen in the images containing NGC 7129.

Telescope: ONTC 250mm @f/3.8
Camera: ASI 2600MM Pro @-10°C
Baader LRGB filters
Mount: Skywatcher AZEQ6 Pro
Exposure: 21h
Dates: March – August 2023
Location: Personal remote observatory, e-EyE Extremadura, Spain

Autore: Bogdan Borz (sito)