Barnard 35

Barnard 35

The constellation of Orion abounds in a rich smorgasbord of targets ranging from emission, reflection and dark nebulae. Dark nebulae invoke a sense of foreboding as the dust in them is sometimes thick enough to obstruct and can completely block the light of the stars behind them. Ionised hydrogen abound in the constellation of Orion and glow bright reddish-pink thru the dust clouds. Barnard 35 seen here lies in what is known to many astronomers as the Barnard’s loop, and is a rich star forming region. Is that an isolated Herbig Haro object, HH 175 peeping thru the clouds ?…

The image consists of nearly 30hours of imaging time, and coupled with the extremely dark skies of Chile, results in a lot of fine details in the dust clouds. Processing such pristine data containing a high SNR on dim objects is very easily accomplished in Pixinsight and a joy to work with….

Telescope: Takahashi E130 ED F3.3
Camera: ASI Zwo 6200mm pro
Mount: Software Bisque Paramount MX+
Observatory : Deep Sky Chile

R= 79 x 5mins, 30 x 30s
G= 87 x 5mins, 30 x 30s
B= 81 x 5mins, 30 x 30s
Ha = 98 x 5mins
Total integration = 29h30m
Software = NINA, Pixinsight

Autore: vikas chander (sito)