In difficult times, the extended hand of a friend is a bridge to hope and strength. It’s a stroke that beautifies the landscape in adverse times and can change the course of a story.
LDN1355, known as “The Helping Hand,” extends from the universe to us. It’s situated in the Cassiopeia constellation, approximately 700 light-years away from Earth and stands as a fascinating location in astronomy.
It’s an active stellar nursery. The bright spots seen within the nebula are actually young stars still in the process of birth. This region harbors massive stars, some of which have masses tens of times greater than that of the Sun. These stars influence the structure and dynamics of the nebula, affecting the formation of other stars and shaping their environment.
It displays variations in its color and brightness, attributed to the chemical composition of its gases and the presence of different types of dust particles in various areas of the nebula.
Its unique shape and properties provide a rich source of knowledge for astronomers seeking to understand the mysteries of the universe.

Data / Setup 🔭📷:
Photography: SkyWatcher EQ6R PRO. Esprit ED 80 PRO SkyWatcher. ZWO ASI 294MM
SkyWatcher HEQ5 PRO. WO GT81. ZWO ASI 294MM
– Guidding: Zwo Asi 120MM. Svbony SV165
Zwo Asi 120MM mini. WO Uniguide 50mm
– Frames:
210×120″ RGB + Calibration frames
164×300″ L + Calibration frames
– Total integration: 20hr 40min
Moratalla, Murcia, Spain, Bortle 2,7

Autore: José García & Francisco Serrano (N-KUADRA ASTROPHOTOGRAPHY) (sito)