Hires Solar & Planetary Imaging 2023

Hires Solar and Planetary Imaging 2023
A collection of my Solar and Planetary images captured during this year 2023 from my observatory located in Agerola (Amalfitan Coast – Italy).For Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune i have used the following setup:
C14 Edge HD, Fornax52 mount, FFC Barlow Baader,Camera QHY5iii200V2, Optolong filters RGB, Baader Sloan820-920nm, IR807nm, Chroma U-Bessel 320-380nm, ADC Pierro Astro Mk3.
For solar image in white light:
C14 Edge HD, Fornax52 mount, Baader Continuum 510nm, Barlow Zeiss Abbe,Baader ND3.8, Basler1920-155 camera.
For all planetary images the North is up.
I recommend for the full resolution to see the link below:
Agerola – Amalfitana Coast- Italy
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Autore: luigi morrone