The Pleiades (M45)

The Pleiades (M45), or Seven Sisters, is a cluster of stars that is always interesting too with a binoculars and to image in detail. M45 can be difficult to get the right balance between the intense stars and the wispy dust the stars are ploughing through. It is a beautiful example of a reflection nebula giving hues of blues and greys from the bright young stars and the surrounding dust with many stars of various color temperatures and even a small distant head-on spiral galaxy UGC 2838 at the top of the image (see if you can find it!).

Imaging scope: TS Hypergraph 6 (Sharpstar 15028HNT)
Camera: ASI2600MC Pro, at -10C, Gain 100
283 x 120 s sub-exposures (9h 26’ integration).
Guiding: ASI290MM mini on an OAG on iOptron GEM45 mount
Bortle 6/7, no filters.
Software: Processed in Astropixel Processor and PS CS5

Autore: Colm O'Dwyer