McWay falls

I had seen many images of McWay Falls in Big Sur, California on the net. So on a recent trip to San Francisco, I had decided to visit the area and try and take a shot of the falls against the night sky. I kept an eye on the weather reports and 25th of June presented itself as a clear night, and off I was on a 2 hour drive to Big Sur. I believe the scenery on the way is stunning but I saw none of it in the dark!

I waited till the 40% moon was low on the western horizon but still bright enough to light up the foreground at a tangent, as I was shooting in a southerly direction. A long 8 minute exposure for the foreground was shot and then I moved about a kilometre back to the north to a viewpoint which offered a clear view of the horizon. A 2 minute tracked exposure was then shot for the sky. The foreground and sky was then blended together to form the image you now seeā€¦.

Camera = Sony A7rV
Lens = Sony 16-35mm F2.8
Tracker = Benro Polaris
Sky Exposure = 120 secs F2.8 iso 800
Ground Exposure = 480 secs F2.8 iso 800
Software = Lightroom, Photoshop

Autore: vikas chander (sito)