Dark/reflection nebulae in Cepheus

Shark Nebula (LDN1235), LBN558 and other dark/reflection nebulae in Cepheus.
Telescope Borg 55FL Astrograph (effective focal length 200 mm); imaging camera ZWO ASI294MM Pro; guiding camera ZWO ASI174MM Mini; mount ZWO AM5; guiding and imaging control ZWO AsiAir Plus; ZWO EAF; ZWO EFW; ZWO OAG; Lacerta Flatfieldbox 150mm; Chroma filters; R: 30×180s; G: 30×180s; B: 28×180s (gain 120, -15°C). Total integration time: 4h 24m.
Imaged at July 18, 2023 from travel place (Bortle 3). Processed in Pixinsight.

Autore: Sasho Panov (sito)