Rhô Ophiuchus & Milky Way

Continuation of the last evening, with my 2nd set up this time I imaged a mosaic of 4 panels of Rhô Ophiuchus and the beginning of the Milky Way, made with sigma art 85mm f1.4.
This should have been my guideline for the week in Aveyron but given the weather, we tried to do this in just the 3 hours we had, so there are only 45 frames of 60-sec per panel and with my new dslr defiltered an canon R6 to evolve from the 6D mod and I got my mount from the beginning, the eq3-2, which does the job perfectly!
I had imaged it last year with a sigma art 135mm, tighter field but here I wanted to have the whole around rho and the Ha (red) at the top of the image!
Collaboration with chef processing Philippe Bernhard !
Full version:
Technical details:
Sigma art 85mm f1.4 lens here open to f2
mount SW eq3-2 motorized
Canon R6 camera defiltered astrodon
45 frames of 60sec per panel about 3 hours of integration.
have a good sky!

Autore: Olivier Bernard & Philippe Bernhard