Desert Rose

Just off the coasts of Yemen and Somalia, lies an island in the Indian Ocean, where it seems time has stopped. Over the centuries travellers returning from these Indian Ocean isles, would regale one with stories of trees bleeding with dragon’s blood, forests of frankincense, bottle shaped trees and peaks towering in the mist. Socotra today is a UNESCO world heritage site and is home to many endemic species of trees and animals unique to the isle.
Population is low and there is only one major city on the island which otherwise is totally devoid of light or air pollution, making it an excellent destination for nightscape photography….

To the west of the island lies Detwah Lagoon surrounded by tall mountains. Bottle trees (Adenium socotranum) or (Socotra Desert Rose) abound in the higher reaches of these mountains and a stiff hike takes one to the top. If timed just right one can catch the bottle trees, unique to Socotra, in full bloom. Framed against Detwah Lagoon and its glowing blue, bio-luminescence plankton, and with the night sky trailing above, it sure make for a unique perspective with which to showcase the unique beauty of Socotra.

Camera = Sony A7rv
Lens = Sony12-24 F2.8
Sky Exposure = 30secs F2.8, iso200, 300 frames
Ground Exposure = 480secs, F2.8, iso800, LENR, Low level Lighting
Software = Lightroom, Photoshop

Autore: vikas chander (sito)