A “hole” in the sun

AR3190 is one of the largest sunspots of the new solar cycle 25, when we observe it with a telescope it is really impressive to see this dark spot on the surface of our star.
What is this dark hole? Did the surface of the sun go out in that area? None of this, it’s just an illusion! Sunspots are “cooler” than the surrounding surface due to the action of strong magnetic fields and this creates the illusion of a dark spot, but in reality it is still very hot, about 4000K in the umbra (the dark core of sunspot). The darkness of a sunspot is only a contrast effect.

To take this picture I used a Sky Watcher Maksutov 180 telescope, a Baader astrosolar film, a Powermate 2X, a Player One Photosphere filter, and a Player One Apollo-M camera.

Autore: Eduardo Schaberger Poupeau (sito)