LDN 673 & LDN 684 – Dark tendrils in Aquila

The dark nebulae LDN 673 (left) and LDN 684, located at 600 light-years in the constellation of Aquila. Other small dark structures also referenced in the LDN catalog complete this picture (LDN 676, 677, 683, 686, 692).

This area is located in the plane of the Milky Way, which is visible mostly in the background of the “Great Rift”, a huge opaque band consisting mainly of dust and dihydrogen, which extends from the constellation Cygnus to the center of the galaxy in the constellation Sagittarius.

In fact, the stars visible behind this band of dust all seem “reddened”, hence the general hue of the image.

The dark nebulosities LDN are still in the foreground and, much denser and more opaque than the dust of the great rift, they totally block the light of the stars in the background.

TSA102 f/6 – AZEQ6 – Atik16200
Filters: Baader LRGB 2″
L : 19 x 600s bin1
RGB : 36 x 300s bin1
Total : 6h10
Processing: Pixinsight & Photoshop.
Corsica (France) – 08/14/2020

Full link : https://astrob.in/br7hea/B/

Autore: Jean-Baptiste Auroux (sito)