SH2-174 : Valentine Rose Nebula

While waiting for the galaxy season to pass, I tried my hand at growing roses with this nebula.
I took the opportunity to exceed my exposure time record with more than 100 hours on this target. There are about 70h of HaOIII dualband filter and 30h of RGB.

The image processing was really difficult. I would like to have more details in Ha but I’ll settle for this version which I like all the same.

Sh2-174 is an unusual ancient planetary nebula. A planetary nebula is created when a low-mass star blows off its outer layers at the end of its life. The core of the star remains and is called a white dwarf. Usually the white dwarf can be found very near the center of the planetary nebula. But in the case of Sh2-174 it off to the left. (It is the blue star near the center of the blue gas). This asymmetry is due to the planetary nebula’s interaction with the interstellar medium that surrounds it.
🔭: ASA Newton 254/950 F3.6
⚙️: Paramount MyT
📷: ZWO ASI2400MC à -10°C + rotateur Artesky
🎯: Skywatcher Evostar72ED + ASI290MM mini
💻: TheSkyX pro, NINA, PHD2, AstroPixel Processor, PixInsight, Photoshop
⏱: 105h25′ (205 x 600” and 285 x 900″)
🌍: Lorraine, France
📆: Over 14 nights : March and April 2022

Autore: LELU (sito)