The Siamese twins galaxies and Virgo Cluster

The “Siamese twins” Galaxies or in these more PC times “the “Butterfly” or even bizarrely “Fish and chips” are just some of the names for NGC4567 and NGC 4568 which are two unbarred spiral Galaxies in the process of collision. Something that will be happening to our Milky way galaxy and the Andromeda Galaxy in about 4 billion years time.
also shown are many background galaxies and the elliptical galaxy NGC 4564 which is also a similar distance. These three galaxies are all in the Virgo cluster of galaxies.

Tech stuff:
Planewave CDK14 and L-350 ZWO ASI 6200MMPro
Imaged from Animas, NM
LRGBHa image with a total of 20 hours data color subs 7 mins Ha 20 min. subs Lum 3 mins
Processed in Pixinsight and Photoshop

Autore: Richard Whitehead (sito)