NGC7000 and IC5070 – HOO RGB

Hi There,
Today I share with you a photo taken in summer and reworked tpday (thanks to bad weather 🙂 )
This photo is composed as followed:
– 42 images of 600s with the L-Extrem filter of Optolong Astronomy Filter
– 8 images of 8s with the IDAS LPS P3 filter
This is a HOORVB in which I have incorporated the RGB stars into the HOO image.
To make this photograph, here is briefly the equipment used:
– TS 71 SDQ f6.3 refractor
– ZWO 2600MC camera
– SkyWatcher EQM35-Pro mount
The pre-processing was done with Siril and the post-processing with Photoshop and PixInsight.
For post-processing, I was able to test Starnett ++ version 2. It is faster and more precise than the first one, really bluffing, the result is quite impressive for a free software.

Here is the Astrobin link of the picture:

Thanks in advance for any feedback, and clear skies !!

Autore: Martino (sito)