A Tarantula meet some friend in the Large Magellanic Cloud

During our stay in Observatoire des Baronnies Provençales we had the opportunity to shoot one night with their setup in Chile. Full are here but very compressed online I don’t know why : https://www.astrobin.com/rjr1j4/0/ https://www.flickr.com/photos/193413019@N02/51881518015/in/dateposted-public/

It was hard to learn how to use Prism in only a couple of hours.
It was hard to master a demanding setup we used for the first time.
It was hard not to falling asleep after a week of really short nights.

But it was worth it! What a pleasure to shoot in the other emisphere.

The processing was also really hard with so many stars.

The Ha region was faint because we did’nt have an Ha filter so it’s juste LRVB and we juste had one night to shoot for every filters.

RASA 14’’ 356/785
Filtres LRVB
Zwo 6200MM

L -> 40 x 240” + 30 x 30”
R -> 10 x 240”
V -> 10 x 240”
B -> 10 x 240”

A very big thanks to the team for giving to us this opportunity and for their trust!
Check them here : https://www.obs-bp.net/

Autore: Yann SAINTY (sito)