The Velvet Nebula

Since I started astrophotography one and a half year ago, this region in Monoceros constellation has become one of my favorites. Therefore, this year I decided to give it a go and make it as deep as reasonably possible.
In it, intricate Ha structures can be seen, known as the Cone Nebula and the Foxfur Nebula, as well as other smooth structures around it. Also, a young open cluster called Christmas Tree Cluster can be see, between the Foxfur and Cone nebulas. And permeating all this, an hazy cloud of blue oxygen 3 gas completes the scenario.
The nearby Orion constellation draws most of the attention of astrophotographers but this nearby constellation also has a lot of give.
This photo was taken at Barcarena, Portugal (Bortle 7-8) from 18th to 24th January, 2022. It is an HOO composition with RGB stars. Details as follows:

Ha: 150 x 5 min
O3: 110 x 5 min
RGB: 3 x 20 x 1 min
Total integration: 23 hours

Autore: Andre Vilhena (sito)