The Dark Shark Nebula (LDN 1235)

LDN 1235 (or Lynds Catalog of Dark Nebulae n° 1235) is a dark/absorption nebula in the constellation Cepheus. It is composed by interstellar dust that is so dense that it obscures the visible wavelengths of light from objects behind it, such as the Horse Head Nebula or the Cone Nebula. It also blocks light from background stars.
Lynds Catalog of Dark Nebula is an updated version of the original version of the Lynds’ Catalog of Dark Nebulae that was published in 1962.

The data was acquired by my friend Démoniak’s Alexkid using his ASKAR 400 in August 2021 from Ardèche in France (bortle 4). Two CMOS were used to capture this faint object:
ASI 2600MM with Luminance filter
ASI 2600MC for RGB data

RA: 21h 58m 36.2s
DEC: +72° 47′ 23.5″
Size: 3.97 x 2.75 deg
Orientation: Up is 356 degrees E of N
Location: Cepheus
Distance : 650 ly

Acquisition 2021-08
Total acquisition time of 15 hours.

Technical Details
Data acquisition: Démoniak’s Alexkid
Processing: Nicolas ROLLAND
Location: Ardèche, France
L: 10 hours
RGB: 5 hours
Optics: ASKAR 400 @F/5.6
Mount: iOptron CEM70
Camera: ZWO ASI 2600MM & ASI 2600MC
Pre Processing: CCDstack, Pixinsight & Excalibrator
Post Processing: Photoshop CC

Autore: Nicolas ROLLAND & Démoniak's Alexkid (sito)