the seagull nebula

This is the seagull nebula cataloged IC 2177 about 3800 light-years away in the direction of the Linicorn constellation.
This is a huge cloud consisting mainly of hydrogen gas, and in other proportions of oxygen, sulfur and other even heavier elements ionized by hot new stars by their intense ultraviolet radiation.
Two large HII clouds make up the seagull nebula. The first is the SH 2- 296 which forms the body and wings of our celestial bird, this formation is a nursery of stars that shape the molecular clouds around by their powerful stellar winds. The second gas cloud is SH 2- 292, which forms the head of the seagull. This cloud is more compact and possibly derives its characteristics from the star HD 53367 (the eye of the seagull).
Other smaller neighboring molecular clouds are part of this cosmic scene including SH 2- 293 and SH 2- 295 which add a degree of wonder to this region of the sky.
The show is not yet over as two open clusters invite each other to the party, these are NGC 2343 and 2335.
Finally, let’s note the gigantic shock wave compressing the cloud near the star catalogued HD 53974. The latter is a blue subgiant whose radial velocity of about 32 km/s is probably the cause of this wave.

Autore: Aziz Kaeouach