Orion Constellation & Barnard loop

Good evening everyone,

Here is my last post on this Orion and Barnard Loop photo,

I spent the only clear moonless night to try the samyang 135mm f2, because I wanted to have fun doing astrophoto with the lens as well. I absolutely wanted to shoot the constellation of Orion and the Barnard Loop.

It was complicated to image it with a seeing more than hazardous but on 210 shots of 120 seconds I kept only 100 raw.

After some treatment trials, I was happy with my final treatment but it is incomparable with the one done by Philippe Bernhard, you feel very small next to it 😅😅 I’ve been practicing for a year, I had made good progress in treatment compared to my beginnings but I still have a long way to go 🤣🤣

Full version https://astrob.in/9iu4n3/0/

Samyang 135mm open to f2.8
Canon 6D Iso 1600 defiltered by Photomax
Heq5 pro frame
100 raw x 120 ”
30 dof

Autore: Olivier Bernard