Wispy clouds in a sea of stars

At some point last year, when I didn’t know what to shoot with my TS65Q telescope and the ASI294MC camera, I started looking through stellarium and found this part of Cygnus with the very fine wispy clouds of hydrogen alpha and made it my target.
There’s really no name for the whole nebula so I’m going to call it the Wispy nebula 😊

Until yesterday, I completely forgot about the data so I got to work and made it into a final image. I added the star spikes with the StarSpike Pro photoshop plugin to give it a sparkling effect.

I hope you like it.

Equipment used:

Eq3 Pro mount
TS65 Quadruplet imaging telescope
2″ Antlia 3nm Ha
Qhy5 LII-M guide camera
9×50 finder-guider

Software used:
Eqmod, SGP, Stellarium with StellariumScope, PHD2, SharpCap for polar alignment

Location: Back garden, Bushey, UK (Bortle 7)

Date: 25.04.2021 to 30.05.2021

105x300sec Antlia 3nm Ha
146x180sec IDAS LPS D2
Total integration time: 16 hours and 3 minutes

Autore: Emil Andronic (sito)