200 Days of Sunspots

The image shows all the sunspots that has appeared on the earth-facing solar disk over 200 days (25th December 2020 to 12th July 2021). The image also shows a comparison of activity over a period of 100 days (second row) and 50 days (third row). The good news is that there has been a sharp incline in solar activity in the last 100 days compared to the first phase. This image is a representation of the progress of Solar Cycle 25 so far.

Gear: Nikon D5600, Sigma 150-600c Lens, Thousand Oaks Solar Filter (white-light), Digitek DTR 520 BH Tripod

Softwares used: PIPP, Adobe Camera Raw, Photoshop

Location: Kolkata, India

Date: 25th December 2020 to 12th July 2021

Autore: Soumyadeep Mukherjee (sito)