PM1-320 is a small planetary nebula in Cygnus, close to DWB 111, the Propeller Nebula.
It was discovered by Andrea Preite-Martinez in the 1980s.
I believe this to be the first deep high-resolution image of PM1-320.
The outer parts of the nebulosity are very faint, hence 56 hours of OIII integration.
HASH records it’s size as 60 arc seconds.
Image captured on my remote dual rig at Fregenal de la Sierra in Spain between 20 August and 3 September 2021.
Scopes: APM TMB LZOS 152 Refractors
Cameras: QSI6120wsg8
Mount: 10Micron GM2000 HPS
A total of 86 hours image capture (HaOIIILRGB)
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Autore: Peter Goodhew (sito)