LBN 437 (SH2-126) HaRVB

Hi !

Here is my last photo, LBN437 (SH2-126) in HaRGB.

For those in a hurry the full is here:

It took me 5 nights in bortle 4 to accumulate the 23 hours of lights to bring out both the nebula and the Ha of the area.

70×600 without filter for RGB
70×600 with the IDAS NBZ for the Ha

Learning the HaRGB mixing for the first time (thank you again to all those who make crazy tutorials !!).

Asi 2600mc pro gain 100 offset 50 cooled to -10 ° C
TS Photon 8 ” 200/800
Eq6R pro
Altaïr 60/225 and zwo 290mm mini guide

Acquisition: Nina / PHD 2
Processing: Siril / PS

From France
Copyright: Yann SAINTY

Autore: Yann SAINTY (sito)