NGC 7000 20 panel mosaic

NGC 7000 aka The North America Nebula and IC 5070 / IC 5067 aka The Pelican nebula.
20 Panel mosaic taken over the last few months from my bortle 5 backyard in West Sussex UK. This was originally planned as a 24 panel, but the last line, due to Deneb, had horrible reflections. So i dropped it from the final. Final image 4 across by 5 high.
Each panel consists of 11x 300sec Ha, 6x 300sec Oiii and 6x 300sec Sii.
Orion RC 8″
CCD47 reducer from TS Optics
ZWO ASI 1600mm
ZWO EFW mini
Baader 1.25″ narrowband filters
Skywatcher EQ6-R
Altair 70mm guide scope
ZWO ASI 224mc guide camera
Deep sky stacker
Photoshop CC
Lightroom CC

Autore: carl gough (sito)