Eagle’s Nest – The Pillars of Creation

The famous pillars of gas in the core of the Eagle’s nebula, known also as a star nursery, shooted using narrowband filters in the OIII, SII and Ha at 7nm, but mapped insted of the traditional Hubble Palette, in a OIII+Ha+SII palette (OIII for Red, Ha for Green and SII for Blue), giving a blueish color around the image with the center core in yellows, pushing the contrast between the pillars and the surrounding nebula and gases.
This is my most proud work, that counts with multiple nights of data filling amost 1TB of info and aorund 45h of integration image.

Technical info here: https://www.astrobin.com/rw8jm5/

Autore: Cesar Pinheiro (sito)