The Butterfly Nebula

Telescope: Astro-Physics 130 GTX
Camara: Finger Lakes Instrumentation ML 16200
Mont: Astro-Physics 1100GTO

* Image acquisition (H-alpha): Bill Long.
* Image acquisition (SHO color): Barry Wilson.
* Processing: Ruben Barbosa.

Gamma Cygni (γ Cygni), also known as Sadr, is a star in the constellation Swan, located at the intersection of body and wings (which are formed by 5 stars).

Sadr is a yellow supergiant with 12 solar masses, 150 times the radius of the Sun and 65,000 times more luminous, surface temperature of 6,500 k, apparent magnitude of 2.23, being one of the brightest stars visible in the night sky and its distance Was calculated at 1,800 light-years.

Visually, Sadr is surrounded by the emitting nebula IC 1318, illuminated by hot and young stars, though Sard is closer to Earth.

Autore: Ruben Barbosa (sito)