NGC2841, the Tiger’s Eye galaxy, is a spiral galaxy located about 46 million light years in the Ursa Major. It is a typical example of the so-called cottony or flocculent spiral galaxies, which have unequal and discontinuous spiral arms and represent about 30% of the population of spiral galaxies.
Star extension disks are visible around NGC 2841 on this long exposure image.

At the bottom right of NGC 2841, the spiral galaxy MCG + 09-16-008 located more than 380 million light years away and with an angular size of only 30 arc seconds.

15 hours exposures in Amiens (France, Bortle 7)
Telescope RC8 @1600mm sur monture Avalon Linear + camera ASI294mm
Luminance : 147 x300s bin2
RVB : chacun 12x300s bin2
Traitement Pixinsight et Photoshop

Autore: Mathieu Guinot (sito)