Southern Pinwheel Galaxy (M83)

Among the astrophotographs I made, this is, at the moment, the one with the longest total exposure time, totaling 19 hours and 35 minutes (captured in four nights).

“The beautiful spiral galaxy Messier 83 is located in the constellation Hydra and is also known as NGC 5236 and as the Southern Pinwheel galaxy. Its distance is about 15 million light-years, being about twice as small as the Milky Way”. Source:

Sky-Watcher 203mm F/5 EQ5 reflector with Onstep and electronic focuser ZWO EAF, Canon T6 (primary focus) modified, Optolong L-eNhance filter (in part of the frames). 50mm guidescope with ASI 290MC. 235 light frames (116×300 “ISO 800 + L-eNhance: 119×300” ISO 1600), 40 dark frames, 64 flat frames. Processing: DeepSkyStacker and PixInsight.

Autore: Maicon Lopes Nunes (sito)