Clouds of Andromeda

The wonders of Andromeda

A total of 255 images (20 mins each) were acquired by Antonio Ferretti and Manuel Ferretti Martínez in Lanciano, Italy from September to November 2020.

Using a Nikon 400/2.8 at 4.0 with a FLI Microline KAI11002 CCD camera equipped with Astrodon filters (L, R, G, B, Ha) on a 10 Micron GM2000 HPS II mount.

The aim of the image was to reveal the faint Hydrogen alpha emission of both M31 and Milky way, for this purpose 48 out of 85 hours of exposure were acquired with an Ha filter.

All the images were calibrated and processed by Attilio Bruzzone entirely in PixInsight 1.8. A global illumination mask made out of large scale details of the luminance image was used to reveal the faint nebula while preventing galaxy core saturation.

Autore: Antonio Ferretti (sito)