Caldwell 47 in HOO

NGC 2244 is a young open star cluster with an age of about 8 million years. These young stars produce ultraviolet radiations that ionizes nearby gases including hydrogen, oxygen and sulphur.
The resulting spectacle is a complex gas cloud about 120 light-years in size called the Rosette Nebula catalogued Caldwell 49.
Located 4,800 light-years away from home towards the constellation of the Unicorn, this nebula is a nursery of stars and celestial objects with several bok cells and stellar gas pillars that each deserves special attention to a larger sampling.
Technical details:
– Apo askar Fra 400 to F/5.6
– iOptron cem60 ec mount
– Zwo asi 1600 mm cooled pro
– 133x300s HA : 11h05min.
– 115x300s O3 : 9h35min.
– 30x3x60s RGB or 1h30min.
– Total integration: 22h10min.
– DOF: 27/101/27
– Acquisition date: February 2021
– Location: Ben Slimane MAO Observatory.

Autore: kaeouach aziz