Eclispe 3 in 1

I travelled to Punta Bermeja in Argentinean Patagonia to take pictures of the eclipse 2020 with my parents and brothers. I´m 19 old years old and I take pictures since I was 5 yo. This is a single shot edited with PS. In this photo I had the chance to frame the prominences of the corona along with the Baily’s beads and the magnetic rays of the corona and the loops provoked by the prominences. I used a Canon T4i with a Tamron 150-600 at 600mm, f6.3, Shadow WB, and 1/125 sec at holding hand, I used diferent configurations and that´s the result of one of them. Greetings Tomas Nazareno Rodriguez Astorino

Autore: Tomas Nazareno Rodriguez Astorino (sito)