This image is the deepest I have ever taken and by far, it is the farewell to my precious Canon as the main camera, the end of a chapter in the hobby, the culmination of an era that has lasted 6 years.

It’s 46 hours of integration
125x600s + 300x300s
With modified Canon Eos 600D and newton Ts Photon 154/600 f3.9
Baader Mpcc coma corrector and Baader Bcf filter.
On Skywatcher neq6 pro2 mount guided off-axis with Zwo Asi 290mc.

Made remotely from the Dark Energy Observatory, Àger, Lleida, during January and February 2022

Copyright: Gerard Tartalo Montardit, Dark Energy Observatory, Ager. Societat Astronomica de Lleida

Autore: Gerard Tartalo Montardit (sito)