Ic C 1805, Nébuleuse du cœur

This photo was taken in January 2022 between January 16 and January 27, 2022 over 10 nights.

This is the first light from my new SHARPSTAR 61 EDPH II, a fantastic little telescope that offers a wide enough field to cover large nebula like IC 1805, nicknamed the Heart Nebula, which is an emission nebula located at about 6500 light year in the constellation Cassiopeia. It covers a field of approximately 60 minutes of arc, which corresponds approximately to 200 light-years.

Sharpstar 61 EDPH II F/4.5
Mount GEM 45
Camera ASI1600mm pro + ZWO filters set SHO

ZWO O-III : 100×300″ (8h 20′) (gain: 139.00) f/4.5 -20°C bin 1×1
ZWO SII: 100×300″ (8h 20′) (gain: 139.00) f/4.5 -20°C bin 1×1
ZWO Ha: 134×300″ (11h 10′) (gain: 139.00) f/4.5 -20°C bin 1×1
27h 50′


Autore: PUIG Nicolas (sito)