Big Sunspot AR2936

January was very complicated to take solar astrophotographs, after the first week of the month, a heat wave with temperatures exceeding 43 degrees Celsius (with a wind chill of 50 degrees) made it impossible to photograph the sun, this phenomenon was followed by rains and cloudy days.
On the morning of this Sunday, January 30, despite the fact that the day dawned completely clear, the seeing was very poor, but anyway I wanted to try to photograph the magnificent active region AR2936, this active region quadrupled its size in just 48 hours.
After more than two hours of making short videos, I managed to find a few seconds of calm in the atmosphere and photograph this large sunspot.

To take this picture I used a Sky Watcher Maksutov 180 telescope with a Baader film filter, a 2X Barlow Televue Powermate, a ZWO 174MM camera and a Baader Solar Continuum filter.

Autore: Eduardo Schaberger Poupeau (sito)