Jupiter, Europa and shadow, and Ganymède

I want share with you my pictures of Jupiter. I have taken this from my car park, from Réunion island (Indian océan) with a Celestron 11, Télévue Barlow x2 and asi224 caméra.

You can see Europa with her shadow and Ganymède.

This picture have been taken the 23 september 2021, at 18:57.03 UT on Réunion Island (Indian océan)
I have used a C11 on EQ6 with x2 Barlow Télévue and an asi224mc.

About technical datas of picture, I have taken 5 vidéos of 75s each one, with firecapture, Gain= 271 and exposure 10ms. I have processed with autostakkert, registax6, windupos (for dé-rotation) and finally photoshop.

Autore: Gineys Quentin (sito)