Sh2-126 The Hidden Gecko

Another cool project with my friend Victor Van Puyenbroeck (
We pointed our two widefiled systems (135mm and 200mm both with ASI 1600MM) at the Gecko (Sh2-126) knowing how faint it is and taking into account LP (bortle 8/7).
On the paper the challenge looked quite significant but you know what: where would be the fun without huge hurdles to overcome

Victor shot HaRGB data while I shot LHaRGB data and we totalled 34h of data.
34h of data is significant but given how faint the target is and how strong the LP is, we ended with a barely decent dataset.

Pre-processing in APP and PI
Processing in PI

This image took me a significant amount of time and many iterations to reach a decent balance.

B: 69×180″ (3h 27′) (gain: 75.00) -20C bin 1×1
G: 65×180″ (3h 15′) (gain: 75.00) -20C bin 1×1
Ha: 56×300″ (4h 40′) (gain: 200.00) -20C bin 1×1
R: 81×180″ (4h 3′) (gain: 75.00) -20C bin 1×1
ZWO Blue 1.25″: 63×120″ (2h 6′) (gain: 75.00) -20C bin 1×1
ZWO Green 1.25″: 64×120″ (2h 8′) (gain: 75.00) -20C bin 1×1
ZWO HAlpha 7nm: 132×120″ (4h 24′) (gain: 200.00) -20C bin 1×1
ZWO L 1.25″: 244×120″ (8h 8′) (gain: 75.00) -20C bin 1×1
zwo Red 1.25″: 60×120″ (2h) (gain: 75.00) -20C bin 1×1

34h of data
Imaging telescopes or lenses: Sigma 105 mm f/2.8 · and Canon EF 200mm 1:2,8 L II USM
Imaging cameras: ZWO ASI 1600MM Cooled Pro
Mounts: SkyWatcher EQ6-R Stellardrive
Filters: ZWO L 1.25″ · ZWO Green 1.25″ · ZWO Blue 1.25″ · zwo Red 1.25″ · ZWO HAlpha 7nm
Accessory: AstroMechanics ASCOM Canon EF Lens Controller · ZWO 8 Position EFW

Autore: Axel Stellar Musing (sito)