Sh2-119 – The forgotten pearl in Cygnus

Sh2-119 is a large emission nebulae in Cygnus about 2 degree east of NGC 7000 (North America nebula) and IC5070 (Pelican nebula).Among the interesting objects in the nebula there is 68Cyg that is brightly shinning in its center as well as several dark dust lanes.

68Cyg looks like a pearl in a shell! Admit it is more poetic than a pelican or a wall

Acquisition : shot from SQM 18.3 solid Bortle with limited integration of about 13h (weather dependant)

Ha : = (signal isn’t very strong)
S2: – (diffuse signal concentrated at the edge of the nebula)
O3: – – (very weak signal) . See revision C for the signal strenght!

Usual widefield combo : Asi 1600MM + Canon 200 @f4.5 (stepdown rings). Eq6-R. Ha and S2 filters from ZWO. Chroma O3 (3nm) filter.

Processing : happy with the colors and the field: got a part of NGC7000 on the right showing how close both objects are and how the dust is filling the gap between the two.

Autore: Axel Stellar Musing (sito)