M 16 narrow band

Telescope TS 100 Q, Atik 460 mono camera, NEQ 6 pro mount.
Date: July 5 and 10, 2021.
Image processed from narrow band filters -Hubble palette-: SII + Ha + OIII.
Number of shots: 36 x 300 seconds on each filter at -5 degrees Celsius.
For processing, the Pixinsight program has been used with tools such as Starnett, Exponential Transformation, MMT, Curves Transformation, etc.
Range masks and the luminances of each of the filters have been used to emulate the image in RGB.
Original image: https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/51436556166_58cb007f24_o.jpg

Autore: Gregorio Montero Gil (sito)