NGC7000 and IC5070 – HOO RGB

Pelican and North America Nebulas.
Mix of HOO and RVB pictures.
HOO made with 42 x600s intregration, with Optolong L-Extrem filter
RGB made with 8x600s integration, with IDAS LPS P3 filter.
Sky Bortle 5 (Avril, in Grand Est, France)

– Skywatcher EQM 35 piloted via EQMOD in NINA
– TS 71 SDQ scope (focale 450mm)
– Camera ZWO Asi 2600 MC (cooled at -10°C, gain 100 and offset 50)
– Siril + PixInsight + Photoshop
– 20 DOF

Autore: Nicolas MARTINO (sito)