NGC 5905 and NGC 5908

NGC 5905 and NGC 5908 are two beautiful spiral galaxies in the constellation Draco. They are 140 million light years from Earth, and are about 500,000 light years apart. NGC 5905 is face-on and clearly shows its spiral structure. NGC 5908 is viewed edge-on, and so the spiral structure is hidden, and instead we see a dark band of obscuring dust.
Image captured on my remote dual rig at Fregenal de la Sierra in Spain between 1-7 June 2021.
Scopes: APM TMB LZOS 152 Refractors
Cameras: QSI6120wsg8
Mount: 10Micron GM2000 HPS
A total of 15.3 hours image capture (LRGB)
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Autore: Peter Goodhew (sito)