M 81-M82 and IFN

M81 (NGC 3031) is a spiral galaxy located in the Ursa Major constellation at about 12.0 million light-years from the Milky Way. Its diameter is relatively modest at only 87,000 light years.
M82 (also known as NGC 3034 and also called the Cigar Galaxy) is a spiral galaxy located about 12.7 million light years away.
In this picture we can see the jets of ionised hydrogen, perpendicular to the disc of the galaxy.
In the upper left corner we see Ngc 3077 at the same distance. It is also under the gravitational effects of the other two galaxies.
Also visible in the picture: IFN (Integrated Flux Nebulea), a dusty gas in the foreground that belongs to our Galaxy.
This picture was taken with a Fsq 106 on EQ6 pro mount and ZWO ASI 1600MM camera
The exposure times are as follows:

Luminance =8.97 H
Total time= 25,74 H

Autore: TEAM ARO (sito)