The Eye of the Queyras

Lac de Shoes or “the eye of Queyras” by night.

Perched at an altitude of 2492m, this lake is located in an environment of dolomitic sedimentary rocks (composed of at least 25% dolomite).

Downstream from this lake, the slopes are made up of lustrous schists testifying to the presence of the bottom of an ocean more than 3000m deep 150 million years ago.
Moreover, on the Pic de Rochebrune located not far from this lake, it is possible to find ammonite fossils indicating the presence of a hot and therefore shallow depth!

Today, this lake is a great destination for families wishing to have a picnic after a short hour ride!

Photograph taken with a Canon 5D MKIII + Samyang 24mm f / 1.4 (@ 2.8) lens on a single tripod.
This photograph is composed of 8 images in order to have the lake as a whole.

– For the foreground, each image has benefited from a stack of 5 photos of 90 seconds exposure at 4000 iso.
– For the Milky Way, each image benefited from a stack of 9 photos of 13 seconds exposure at 4000 iso.

Autore: Jeff Graphy (sito)