IC 410 in HOO

Cosmic scenes are numerous, striking and our imagination is even more so.
The image in question depicts two tadpoles heading to their last refuge: a beautiful tropical celestial lagoon!
And precisely, it is this imagination that gave the atypical name to this nebula, namely the tadpole nebula catalogued IC 410. It is an emission nebula located about 12,000 light-years from home in the direction of the constellation Of Cocher. It contains at its heart the young open cluster catalogued NGC 1893 which by its stellar winds excite the surrounding gases.
Thus, the two famous formations (tadpoles), made up of gas and dust denser and colder, are sculpted by the winds and radiation of the stars of the cluster. That’s why their trail points to the opposite of the central region of the cluster.

Autore: Aziz Kaeouach