Mars 24th October from Calern Observatory

Hi all

Once more, I had the chance to use one of the 1-meter diameter telescope of the Calern Observatory (South of France) on Mars.
The seeing conditions which were rather good became suddenly excellent during a momentary lapse of time (~ 15 minutes). So I speed up to make as much acquisitions as possible, with 290MC ZWO camera for color alternatively with luminance through RG610 filter (infrared > 610nm) and with 290MM camera. The advantage is that both cameras have the same pixel size, so optical setup can remain the same and the post-processing much easier.

A lot of processing experiments and tries were done for this image, with the following result. I personally never saw Valles Marineris with so much details.
Hope you will like it

Autore: Jean-Pierre PROST (sito)