Cosmic Show

The formation in groups of several celestial objects gives us a cosmic spectacle. so is my latest acquisition which includes respectively the bubble nebula (NGC 7635), the (small) nebula catalogued NGC 7538 and the open cluster M 52.
The main object of the image is certainly the bubble nebula located about 10,000 light-years from home towards the cassiopeia constellation.
This cosmic bubble is formed by the stellar winds of a Wolf-Rayet star which us not in the center if the Hubble. NIndeed, this eccentricity result on the one hand to the fact that the expanding cloud meets more or less warm regions in the vicinity, and on the other hand the difference in density of the expelled layers make the expansion inconsistent.
Thus, celestial magic operates, delivering a cosmic show in all its states.
Technical data:
– takahashi apo fsq 85 F/D 3.8
– iOptron cem60 ec mount
– Zwo asi 1600 mm cooled pro
– 88x300s HA : 07 hours 20 minutes
– 102x300s OIII : 08 hours 30 minutes
– 116x300s SII : 09 hours 40 minutes
– 30x3x60s RGB : 01 hour 30 min
– Full integration: 27 hours
– DOF: 27x101x35
– Date: September 18-24, 2020
– Location: Ben Slimane MAO Observatory, Morocco.

Autore: kaeouach aziz